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Container Home

Our Containers

We offer standard 20ft and 40ft container home options

Simple Luxury Container Homes

Our luxury container homes are designed with affordability, safety, and efficiency in mind. After years of working on commercial and residential high end homes, we decided it was time for a change. Our standardized models are perfect for private investors, developers, non-profits, or government organizations who want to provide scalable and readily deployable housing solutions. Our goal is to help create positive change in the housing market by offering high quality, low cost, eco-friendly tiny homes for everyone!

Container Home Community Development

We are in the process of creating Container Home Communities across the United States! Our 180-200 home developments will include community amenities showcasing a dog park, ponds, gardens and more!

What people are saying about Containing Luxury

"I took all three workshops & had an amazing experience. The staff were helpful at answering questions as well as giving us a chance to work hands on. Using the different tools and getting an idea for what tools are needed was definitely a highlight."

Steve C.

"I came to take the electricity and plumbing course as I'm currently working on my own tiny home. The course was exactly what I needed to learn the basics. They guys were super professional and willing to answer any question I asked. They informed us through every step and overall made me feel reassured that I can take what i've learned from the course and do my own tiny home,"

Jason M.

"As someone who has had their GC for years it was a great opportunity to come out here and take a course from the guys and see what it is they're doing. The tiny homes & container homes especially are a lot different than my typical build, It was super insightful to see the different processes used here."

Roger B.

Ready to start your container home project?

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