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40ft Container Homes

At Containing Luxury, we offer container homes that blend modern style, luxury, affordability, energy efficiency, and safety. Our designs feature a chic loft feel with luxury finishes and secure, insulated commercial entry systems. Our prices appeal to investors, thanks to low maintenance costs, long-lasting durability, and good returns in coastal areas. We deliver top-quality, affordable 20ft and 40 ft container homes for both investors and homeowners.


40HCLX Premium Model - Starting at $80,000


  • New Container

  • Premium Waterproof Plank Flooring

  • Drywall Walls & Ceiling for Smooth Modern Look

  • Insulated with Expert Technology

  • Full Closet & Premium Cabinetry

  • High Efficiency AC Unit With Heat Pump

  • Floor to ceiling insulated glass

  • LED Lighting Package

  • 8 Gal Water Heater

  • Vinyl Plank Shower Walls With Glass Shower Door

  • Full Bathroom with Rain Shower


  • Body Jets

  • Premium Multi Use Sink With Drying Rack, Caddy, and Cutting Board

  • Induction Cooktop

  • LED Vent Hood

  • Shiplap Ceiling Upgrade


  • Custom Trailer - additional cost based on trailer

The Floor Plan

40ft container home floor plan

40 ft Container Home Plans

By mass-producing identical units, we streamline our process, which is why customizations aren't available for our 40ft container homes. You'll find only the shipping container plans shown here. However, you can opt to remove features like cabinetry, flooring, or wallboard to receive a customizable shell. Interested in residential investment?


We're seeking developer partners and investors for our container home communities. If you're considering partnering with us for your next major investment, use the contact form below. Let's connect soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many bedrooms can fit in a 40ft container?

A 40ft container can typically accommodate up to two bedrooms, depending on the layout and design efficiency.


How many square feet is a 40ft container home?

A 40ft container home provides approximately 320 square feet of living space, given that a standard 40ft container is 8 feet wide and 40 feet long.


What size shipping container for a 3 bedroom house?

For a 3-bedroom house, you would likely need multiple shipping containers; typically, at least three 40ft containers would be required to comfortably accommodate three bedrooms along with other living spaces.


How much does a 40 ft shipping container cost?

The cost of a 40 ft shipping container can vary widely based on condition, location, and availability. Our 40-ft container homes come fully insulated, with a water heater, AC, and all the basics and start at $80,000.

Ready to start your container home project?

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