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About Containing Luxury

Blake Madgett, Containing Luxury

Here at Containing luxury we are not just a team of random people who decided to one day build container homes.  We are life long General Contractors who have led high end specialized products for clients like PRADA, STARBUCKS, NIKE, and many more that asked us not only to bring their dreams to life in their stores but often count on us to engineer how to make it happen.  After nearly two decades designing high end homes and commercial spaces we stepped away from our lucrative career to do something that had never been done before in the construction world. 

Blake Madgett
Owner, Founder, CEO

Combine, Modern, Luxury, Affordable, Energy Efficient and Safe into one packaged home.  Our designs bring you a downtown loft feel, the finishes of a luxury home, and the safety you can feel when you walk through the large insulated and impact rated commercial entry systems.  The price is every investor's dream when you take into consideration the cost of maintenance, or should I say lack thereof, and the lifespan of our homes paired with the rate of return in coastal regions that are beautiful yet usually costly investments to meet hurricane code.  Here at CL we are dedicated to producing a product that has our customer in mind from the investor to the end user, we want to make sure we build the best unit bar none at the most affordable price. 


How do we do this? We mass produce the same units over and over again which is why we cannot offer customizations, only the models you see here are what we have to offer.  You can however delete certain things such as cabinetry, flooring, even wall board if you would like to receive a shell for you or your team to customize. Looking for the right residential investment? We are actively looking for developer partners and investors for our communities, so If you feel you would like to partner with us in your next big investment, then hit the contact form below and we will chat soon!  

Ready to start your container home project?

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