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Invest in Our Container Communities


Containing Luxury is taking reservations for a possible, upcoming round.

Get a piece of Containing Luxury!

We are thrilled to offer you the chance to invest in our new Luxury Container Home Development Projects!

Grow your wealth, invest in affordable and scalable housing solutions

Our first development is an 18.3 acre parcel and is currently in the civil engineering phase. Our team has begun staging equipment and placing temporary roads on this site.


Our goal is to show the world that there is not only a need for our safe and affordable luxury homes, but a huge demand for them! We want to help you grow your money as an investor while also helping provide alternative housing solutions. 

Sales prices are proposed to be in the $135k-$155K range on single units and $185K-$195K on double units. The development will feature amenities such as a small lake, a dog park, a playground, and urban farming gardens where the community can produce for itself!

We look forward to partnering with local investors and communities to bring our vision to life!

Perfect solution for novice and experienced real estate investors

Have you ever wanted to step into the AirBnB, VRBO, or long term rental market but not known where to find your initial investment seed?  Or do you already have investment properties and want to scale your portfolio quickly and affordably? Our inexpensive entry level units combined with financing options will allow you to take the first step in your real estate investing journey or continue expanding your current offerings! 

Ready to start your container home project?

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